Contingent Recruitment

Access our in-depth candidate & industry knowledge

We utilise the experienced mix of our Co-founders to offer a genuine front to back strategic offering in a wide range of operational areas

Contingent Recruitment Services



Levrara can provide the full suite of Recruitment services, at very competitive rates compared to more established agencies who don’t possess our in-depth candidate & industry knowledge, lean technology base, and marketplace agility.


Our team comes with over 30 years experience across the financial services sector, meaning that we are able to provide real content challenge to any candidate before sending them to our client. 


We pride ourselves on successfully aligning our candidates to the unique culture of each organisation, and utilise our extensive network of known candidates where possible.


Our opportunity to placement ratio has been higher than the competition to due the market reach and strong content knowledge of our team. 


Since our formation we have placed permanent candidates into a wide range of Financial Services firms (including Banks, Securities, Insurance and Asset Management companies) across the revenue generating areas, finance, technology, programme management, risk and compliance.


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