Executive Search

Leverage our management teams’ extensive experience and industry wide network

We utilise the experienced mix of our Co-founders to offer a genuine front to back strategic offering in a wide range of operational areas

Executive Search Service


Our Executive search is a tailored service (handholding the process from longlist to short list, hiring and if required, assistance with the regulatory approval process) aimed at attracting highly skilled senior management talent to an organisation. 


Our Executive search is mainly relationship driven and seeks out the perfect match for both the role and the company; whether the candidate is actively looking for a new position or not


We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and network of board directors and senior executives, derived from our founders and senior management teams contacts formed through their own board level Financial Services careers. 


Levrara has built a large pool of top executive and non-executive talent and can help you fill a range of senior roles. We believe the diversity of our Board Level talent pool is second to none and know this is something that many of our clients are looking for.


Some examples of roles we have filled include:

- Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

- Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

- Chief Risk Officer (CRO)

- Independent Non-Executive Directors (INED)

- Chief Operating Officer (COO)

- Head of Compliance

- Head of HR


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