Internal Audit Co-Source

We utilise the experienced mix of our Co-founders to offer a genuine front to back strategic offering in a wide range of operational areas

Internal Audit Co-Source 



Leveraging Devesh’s experience of running a highly successful Internal Audit co-source business, we have built a team of experienced internal auditors with specific skillsets in areas such as:

• Cyber Security


• Risk Model Review

• Prudential Regulatory

• Submission Reviews 


We know that many of our clients operate a co-source model where targeted skillsets are demanded for short to medium term assignments and we believe our experienced team can support our clients at a pricing point that works for them.


We pride ourselves on providing a high quality co-source service as well as access to a large quantity of SMEs to perform Internal Audit and other Assurance work on a varitey of different control fronts, across all three lines of defence. 


Our ability to continue to grow our offering is further enhanced by having our Indian subsidiary from which we can also deliver high quality resources either as offshore resources or directly to our clients Indian subsidiaries. 

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